Obama na-abịa n'azụ! Oge a abụghị Spain kama ọ bụ Italytali


On his recent trip in April to Seville, Spain, for the WTTC SUMMIT 2019, the Obama visit was rather costly. He arrived on a private plane, and the one-hour appearance money-cashing talks at the WTTC Global Summit 2019 was over US$400,000 plus travel expensive and more. Then before Obama took off for Cologne the next day, costs rounded up the trip with another half a million dollars with the trip ending up in Berlin to meet Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany.

This time it was strictly private, although it seemed more like a state visit, as the former US President was then flying to Italy with his wife Michelle and his daughters Sasha and Malia following an invitation from George and Amal Clooney to Lake Como this Friday. The Obamas are already in the Provence in France and will fly to Milan on a private jet.

A huge amount of extra police and security staff from America and Italy will be on hand, together with armored cars paving the  way through narrow roads. The rest of the world heading to Lake Como for the weekend or holidays for the entire weekend will have to wait.

Last week, Como was flooded over the weekend for 3 days due to  heavy rainfalls that caused a lot of disaster with scenic road Lungolago being completely closed to traffic while children cheerfully enjoyed the new pool that opened up on the main street of Como. They splashed around with ducks that were s swimming in flower beds of the Piazza Cavour.

This weekend, Como will be flooded again, but this time with an army of security guards from America and Italy, plus paparazzi, the media, and Locals.

Como will be completely “blindato” (armored), and the main road via Regina leading from Como  to the Clooney Villa, Oleandra, in Laglio will be entirely surveilled for the visit of close friends. The air space over Como and Lake Como will also be closed off from Friday until Monday.

Clooney already arrived on Lake Como on Wednesday morning, 2 days ahead of the arrival of the former US Presidential couple, setting up all the security details with the local institutions and police.

Will there be easy shopping? Protection and more security guards will make it easy to shop and to be seen.

During an interview at the WTTC Global Summit 2019, former US President Obama admitted “it is often difficult for his daughters when traveling  aboard” and they find themselves sometimes in awkward situations. But this is how normal travel works and teaches how to learn to be on alert without an army of bodyguards and media.

The Clooneys have been very close to Barrack Obama ever since he was President of America.

In an interview, George Clooney revealed that he had met Amal at a Gala Dinner in London, but their love story developed when they met again at the White House during a private projection of George Clooney’s dramatic film “The Monuments Men” where George Clooney attended together with his parents Nina and Nick. He was fascinated by the wit and humor of Amal Alamuddin (Arabic: أمل علم الدين‎; ) the Lebanese-British barrister specializing in international law and human rights.

They later finished off the evening in a famous night club together with Matt Damon and Bill Murray who star in the film. The fairy tale goes on and only few months later, they are all joined for the glamorous grand wedding in Venice of Amal and George Clooney.

The Obamas also visited George and Amal at their British estate. Further to AD (Architectural Digest), George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin paid GBP10 million to purchase this property, listed for GBP7.5 million, a few weeks after their Venetian wedding in 2014. This 17th-century mansion sits on a 4-acre island in the middle of the River Thames, around 40 miles west of London. The house was given a facelift after it was bought by the Clooneys, complete with its own cinema, a grand terrace, and a new pool house (which is the official party zone).

George Clooney, the actor, director, producer, screenwriter, businessman, and all-round superstar, and his human rights lawyer wife, Amal Alamuddin, are pretty low-key when it comes to sharing intimate details about their personal life. However, what’s not a secret, anymore at least, is their shared love for hosting infamous parties at their gorgeous English home located on the island of Sonning Eye on the River Thames near the boundary with Oxfordshire, AD wrote.

So this time it is Lake Como and America is back.

The former Villa Oleandra of Teresa Heinz Kerry, (the Heinz ketchup heiress) and wife of former US Secretary of State John Kerry was sold to George Clooney in 2002 making headlines all over the world and hosting the “happy fews” and most famous.

Hollywood goes to Lake Como

It comes as no surprise that Netflix’s “Murder Mystery” starring Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler which was mostly filmed on Lake Como and in the city of Como is a real postcard film on the lake. The show launched last Friday, and already only 3 days later, it has broken a huge streaming service record, the Independent reported.

Adam Sandler, who signed a second 4-year deal with the streaming service in 2017, reunited with his “Just Go With It” co-star Jennifer Ariston for the comedy that follows a couple from New York who get caught up in a mystery surrounding the death of an ageing billionaire during a trip to Europe.

Critics may have long fallen out of love with Sandler, but Netflix users haven’t. In its first 3 days of release, Variety reports that “Murder Mystery” had been viewed by almost 30.9 million users – one of the biggest-ever openings for a Netflix original, the Independent reported.

Barack and Michelle Obama signed a multi-million production deal in 2018  with the streaming platform Netflix to produce a string of shows and films under their production company, Higher Ground.

The Obamas will be delighted to take part in real life and watch “The Festival of San Giovanni” with its spectacular fireworks, music show, and solemn procession to the only island of the lake – the island of Comacina.  The traditional “Sagra of San Giovanni” is the highlight of the summer, and Americans say it tops the New Year’s Eve fireworks at Times Square in New York City.

And speaking of fireworks, Lake Como is preparing for its own fireworks in the form of the upcoming Presidential visit with its roadblocks, air traffic blocks, huge security measures, and more. Viva Italia!

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