Crugbọ mmiri ụgbọ mmiri ọhụrụ metụrụ osimiri ahụ na nke mbụ ya na Turku

Obinna Okpala5
Obinna Okpala5

Costa Crociere celebrated the technical launch of the new flagship Costa Smeralda at the Meyer shipyard in Turku, Finland.

During the ceremony, the ship officially touched the sea for the first time. The celebration, which saw the participation of the top management of Costa Cruises and the Meyer shipyards, followed the protocol established by the maritime tradition, with the flooding of the basin where the ship has taken shape in recent months.

Costa Smeralda technical launch Costa Smeralda, which will enter service from October 2019, will be the first Costa ship powered by liquefied natural gas (Lng), the cleanest fossil fuel in the world. Its use represents an environmental change that will improve the quality of the air, almost totally avoiding the emissions of particulate matter and sulfur oxides, both at sea and in port.

Lng will also reduce nitrogen oxide and CO2 emissions. In this way Costa Smeralda and its twin, which will be delivered in 2021, will contribute to achieving the sustainability objectives set by Costa Crociere and Carnival Corporation & plc, which provide for a 25% reduction in the carbon footprint by 2020.

“It is with great enthusiasm that we celebrate such an important moment,” said Neil Palomba, general manager of Costa Crociere. “Costa Smeralda represents a great innovation for the international market and an important step towards the definition of new standards for the entire sector. It is a new generation ship and will be a tribute to the best of Italy and our excellence. It was designed with passion and attention to detail to offer an unforgettable holiday experience.”

The name of the ship recalls one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Sardinia. The names of bridges and public areas are dedicated to famous places and squares in Italy.

Costa Smeralda will also have its museum, the CoDe – Costa Design Museum, dedicated to the excellence of Italian design. “Designing and building Costa Smeralda together with Costa Crociere’s colleagues is an exciting experience,” commented Jan Meyer, CEO of the Meyer shipyard in Turku. “I believe it will be a unique and innovative ship, both from an engineering and design point of view, I am convinced that guests will appreciate all the attractions and services on board.”

The technical launch is the moment when the ship reaches its natural element, water. Construction will continue with the final phase of interior fittings ».The sister ship, also built at the Meyer shipyard in Turku, is scheduled for 2021. The Costa Smeralda debut is scheduled for October20, 2019.

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Mario Masciullo - eTN Italy

Mario bụ ọkaibe na ụlọ ọrụ njem.
Ahụmahụ ya gbasara gburugburu ụwa kemgbe 1960 mgbe ọ dị afọ 21 ọ malitere ịgagharị Japan, Hong Kong, na Thailand.
Mario ahụla ka njem nlegharị anya ụwa na-etolite ruo ụbọchị wee gbaa akaebe
mbibi nke mgbọrọgwụ/akaebe nke gara aga nke ọtụtụ mba dị mma maka ọgbara/ọganiihu.
N'ime afọ iri abụọ gara aga, ahụmịhe njem Mario lekwasịrị anya na South East Asia na n'ikpeazụ gụnyere mpaghara mpaghara India.

Akụkụ nke ahụmịhe ọrụ Mario gụnyere ọtụtụ ọrụ na Civil Aviation
ubi mechiri mgbe emechara kik nke Malaysia Singapore ụgbọ elu dị n'Itali dị ka onye nkuzi wee gaa n'ihu ruo afọ 16 na ọrụ nke Sales /Marketing Manager Italy maka ụgbọ elu Singapore mgbe nkewa nke gọọmentị abụọ ahụ na Ọktoba 1972.

Akwụkwọ ikike nke onye nta akụkọ Mario bụ nke “National Order of Journalists Rome, Italy na 1977.