Montréal nabatara ihe karịrị ndị njem 113,000 na 2019


In 2019, 24 cruise ships representing 17 different companies will make 76 stops in the Port of Montréal. In total, they will bring more than 113,000 passengers and crew members to the city. Four new ships are expected this year: the Zaandam (Holland-America Line), the Riviera (Oceania Cruises), the Viking Sun (Viking Ocean Cruises) and the Ocean Dream (Maritime Holding Group). Another highlight of this year’s cruise season will be when the 500,000th Holland-America passenger arrives to the Port of Montréal’s Grand Quay, marking a major milestone in the relationship between the cruise line, which is a subsidiary of Carnival Corporation, and Montréal.

Montréal’s cruise market has grown steadily in the past five years, benefiting from the international calibre facilities that opened at the Port of Montréal’s Grand Quay in 2017. The city is increasingly positioning itself as a cruise embarkation/disembarkation point.

“Montréal is a must-see destination on the Saint Lawrence River. We know that cruise passengers always enjoy the exciting atmosphere and attractions in our city. I’d like to thank all our partners for their hard work in helping grow this market, which contributes substantially to Montréal’s economy. We welcomed 40,000 passengers in 2010, and now that number is more than 110,000! Thanks to this tremendous progress, we’ve successfully connected with the luxury market. Congratulations to the entire team!” said Yves Lalumière, President and CEO of Tourisme Montréal.

“Montréal’s remarkable success in the cruise tourism segment is the result of a sustained joint effort. The 2019 season looks very promising with the four new ships scheduled to arrive in the city, not to mention the growing interest in cruises on the Great Lakes. This year, we will also complete Terminal 2 at the Port of Montréal’s Grand Quay, which is a truly unique urban space that’s now open to the general public,” said Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO of the Montréal Port Authority.

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