Ọdụ ụgbọ elu Budapest na-agbakwunye Astana ka ọ na-aga ịkpọ oku


As Budapest Airport welcomes Wizz Air’s twice-weekly service to Astana today, the Hungarian gateway celebrates the addition of its 42nd country market, filling another gap on its route map and expanding its selection of destinations.

Omitting the previous need for connections, the ultra-low-cost carrier’s direct link to Kazakhstan joins Budapest’s existing links in the region to Georgia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan: “We are happy and proud to welcome yet another new Wizz Air destination, launched from Budapest Airport.

Astana will be the 42nd new country and 111th new airport on our list of destinations this summer,” explains Jost Lammers, Budapest Airport. He added: “This new flight between the capitals of Hungary and Kazakhstan will contribute to the further development of trade and investment between the countries, create opportunities for the leisure travellers to discover new and exciting tourism attractions in both countries.”

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